Behind The Scenes with

Chloë Sevigny

Shot against the sun bleached backdrop of palm shadows and pastel shades in Florida Keys, Miami, Hollywood actress Chloë Sevigny models her favourite pieces from Jimmy Choo’s Spring Summer 2016 collection.

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With style influences ranging from suburban Connecticut to her father, Chloë perfectly embodies the edgier more daring side of the Jimmy Choo woman - able to work both a white heeled pump and a trainer.
“I loved the white LUC pump with the ankle strap and the red vinyl at the toe cleavage. I love a white shoe, it's a bold statement.”

Chloë's innate sense of fashion and love of vintage is evident with her unique ability to seamlessly put together the perfect look of any occasion, with sunglasses being a staple.
"Sunglasses are an everyday must for me. Once I find a pair I love I wear them till they fall apart. The bejewelled ones from the shoot are so fun and they'd elevate any outfit."

Discover Chloë's enduring appeal and why she’s one of fashion's most loved style icons with our exclusive video below.