Jimmy Choo / Sailor Moon Jimmy Choo / Sailor Moon

Our exclusive collaboration - celebrating the 30th anniversary of the iconic manga series - champions Jimmy Choo and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon's shared values; genre-defying creativity, bold individuality and female empowerment.

Sailor Moon Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

The hero of the mould-breaking manga; Usagi Tsukino - the protector of the moon - embodies love and justice. Our crystal-adorned boots and exclusive Varenne Quad, featuring artwork from the series, are cast in her signature shade of fuchsia.

Sailor Mercury Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mercury

The guardian of wisdom; Ami Mizuno is the protector of the planet of water - and the inspiration behind our glossy blue patent boot and exclusive Sailor Mercury Varenne Quad.

Sailor Mars Sailor Mars

Sailor Mars

The guardian of war; Rei Hino is the protector of the planet of fire. Her spirit is captured perfectly in our scarlet kick-heel pump and coordinating Varenne Quad.

Sailor Jupiter Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Jupiter

The guardian of protection; Makoto Kino’s commanding personality is brought to life with our chunky green combat boots and Varenne Quad - which showcases a key moment from her story.

Sailor Venus Sailor Venus

Sailor Venus

The guardian of love; orange is emblematic of Minako Aino’s transformation into the protector of the planet of beauty. This magical moment is showcased in our exclusive Varenne Quad and platform heels embellished with Swarovski crystals.


Immerse yourself in the world of Jimmy Choo x Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon; Cult DJ Honey Dijon has brought the magic of this exciting collaboration to life with two exclusive new tracks.