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Extending the life of your favourite pieces begins with our product care guide

At Jimmy Choo, we pride ourselves in using the highest quality materials to create our shoes, handbags and broad range of accessories; all of which are sourced carefully and tested extensively prior to production and sale. To ensure you get maximum enjoyment from your favourite pieces we recommend following the care instructions below.

We recommend storing your shoes and accessories in a cool, dry place and avoiding prolonged exposure to sunlight, heat and moisture. Avoid excessive abrasion and wearing with contrasting colours to prevent colour transfer. Should your piece come into contact with water, it should be dabbed with a dry cloth to absorb any excess liquid and allowed to dry naturally.

Please note, all types of leather and delicate materials – including metal accessories and hardware – are affected by humidity. Please take care to avoid direct contact with water, salt, heat, oil, grease and alcohol, alongside any materials which may transfer colour pigments onto your product. Slight variations in appearance and finish are entirely normal for all natural materials.

If you require further care guidance simply contact your nearest Jimmy Choo boutique or our Customer Services team.


Our luxurious leather soles wear with time and use, this is particularly applicable to pointed toe styles. We offer extensive resoling services to extend the life of all our designs and recommend rotating the pieces you wear each day to maximise their longevity.

Always store your shoes in dust bags when not in use and ensure protective tissue or shoe sticks are utilised to help maintain their shape. Delicate embellishments and metal hardware should be preserved using protective packaging whilst your shoes are in storage.

Handbags & Small Leather Goods

Avoid overfilling your handbags and small leather goods to preserve their shape and structure. To extend the life of your pieces we recommend keeping protective packaging inside your pieces whilst in storage to maintain their shape, while delicate embellishments and metal hardware should be covered with protective packaging.

Always store your handbags and small leather goods in dust bags, in an upright position, ensuring any straps or chains are placed inside of the product to avoid damage to the material. Furthermore, all fastenings should be properly closed whilst in storage.


To preserve the shine and condition of your jewellery, clean it regularly with a dry, soft, lint-free cloth. Polish crystals & resin pearls using smooth, circular motions to restore their original lustre and beauty. A delicate touch will prevent the cloth from snagging on metal casings or sharper edges. Never use hard objects to scrape or remove dirt from crystals.

Avoid contact with liquids and cosmetic products that could harm the metal and reduce the life of the plating, as well as cause discolouration and diminish the lustre of Swarvoski crystals & resin pearls. As a rule, apply cosmetic products prior to wear as certain chemicals found in these products may discolour or damage jewellery.

Store and transport your pieces individually in the pouch and box provided to avoid abrasion and prevent your pieces from scratching or tangling upon contact. Always close your chain’s clasp to avoid any knots forming.

Soft Accessories & Apparel

Every piece is different, always read and follow the care labels on soft accessories and apparel. To extend the life of your pieces, store them in a cool, ventilated place when not in use, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight to preserve the colours and refrain from spraying cosmetic products directly on to them. Finally, take care to avoid snagging the fabric or catching it on pieces of jewellery.


Always store your sunglasses in their protective case to avoid damage and keep out of intense heat when not in use. Wipe regularly with the cloth provided to remove the build-up of excess dirt and oils. Avoid cleaning products and chemicals which could damage your sunglasses.



As a natural material, leather evolves over time. Frequent use and exposure to light causes leather pieces to develop a distinct patina, this is an organic process that lends each design unique character. To delay this process, we recommend applying a premium leather protector to your purchases prior to use, this will act as a barrier to everyday wear.

Wipe down the product after each use to avoid the buildup of dirt and oils. Any loose dirt should be wiped with a soft, damp cloth and dried immediately away from direct heat. Light scratches and marks can be mitigated by massaging in regular, circular motions using a clean, dry finger.

Should your leather piece come into contact with water, use a soft, dry cloth to remove any excess and to avoid the formation of any stains or bubbles during drying. Cleaning products and liquids containing solvents or alcohol will cause damage to the surface of the leather.

Special care should be taken for leathers with a patent finish. These leathers are particularly absorbent to ink and darker pigment. Always store your patent pieces in dust bags and avoid contact with darker coloured materials.

Metallic & Printed Materials

Metallic and printed materials have a surface finish, meaning everyday wear and excessive abrasions can cause the finishing to be removed. Metallic and printed materials with a particularly smooth finish may develop wrinkles or creasing over time.

To clean, gently wipe with a soft, damp, lint-free cloth and dry immediately away from direct heat. Cleaning products and liquids containing solvents and alcohol should be avoided as these will remove the finish. Metallic and printed materials should be stored away from humidity and sources of heat.

Suedes & Nubuck

Suedes and nubucks are aniline leathers that do not have a protective finish, this means they are very absorbent and susceptible to stubborn staining. We recommend that customers spray these materials with a suitable suede protector prior to use. Should your suede or nubuck pieces come into contact with water, they should immediately be blotted with a dry cloth to absorb any excess liquid.

A soft rubber suede brush can be used to lightly clean away loose dirt however due to the delicate and fibrous quality of these materials we advise against rubbing too vigorously as this may result in damaging the surface appearance. Please be aware, due to the nature of this material group, there may be a small amount of colour transfer with initial use.

Special Care Fabrics & Textiles

Jimmy Choo is synonymous with glittering pieces which are delicate by nature and require special care. Due to our emphasis on artisanal process and craftsmanship these specialist designs vary from piece to piece and are truly one-of-a-kind. Please note, a small amount of glitter may be lost on initial use.

Avoid contact with rain, ground water and liquids containing solvents or alcohol as these may damage the glitter. Clean with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth using gentle, circular movements and taking care not to damage the materials surface.

Avoid scratching delicate fabrics against abrasive surfaces as this may cause fraying or damage specialist finishes. For dense fabrics such a velvet, a slight marring or flattening of the fibres can occur when stored. Avoid prolonged compression of the fabric and ensure that metal components such as bag chains are stored inside the product when not in use.

Crystal Applications

As a brand, we are committed to using only the most luxurious materials. We’re proud to have forged a close, longstanding relationship with Swarovski, purveyors of the world’s most premium crystals.

Our crystal-finished products are delicate by nature and should be handled with the utmost care. Due to our emphasis on artisanal process and craftsmanship these specialist designs vary from piece to piece and are truly one-of-a-kind.

Wear and abrasion can cause crystal-finishes to become damaged over time. These exquisite pieces should be stored away from humidity and sources of heat. To clean, a soft, dry, lint-free cloth can be used to remove any loose dirt or dust. To remove heavier dirt, a damp, lint-free cloth can be gently used to wipe each crystal. Cleaning products and liquids containing solvents and alcohol should be avoided as these can damage crystal-finishes.



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