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Kate Moss Styles Pre Fall 2020

Needing little introduction, Pre-Fall 2020’s campaign star, Kate Moss, remains the most iconic of supermodels. Spotted at the tender age of 14, Moss’ career is the stuff of legend, spanning more than three decades at the top of the game. Now as a businesswoman with her own talent agency and a British Vogue Contributing Editor, she continues inspire with her signature nonchalant style. Known for her fusion of rock ‘n’ roll insouciance, vintage elegance and quintessentially British originality, Kate’s look has changed the wardrobes of legions of women across the globe. Indeed, there could be no more fitting muse for this season’s Bohemian Glamour inspired collection than Ms Moss. Here she shares her tips for dressing up, who inspires her and what glamour means in 2020.

“I would describe my style as eclectic,” smiles Kate Moss cocooned in a flurry of feathers on set for Jimmy Choo’s Pre-Fall 2020 campaign. While that is of course, completely accurate, it somewhat undersells the power and influence that her singular sense of taste has had across the globe. A mix of vintage and contemporary, both polished and barefoot, a style that feels familiar, yet also vital and brand new, Moss’ signature look has changed the way women dress over the past 30 years. Underlying that eclecticism is her confidence to break the rules and assert a sense of liberty—one of the guiding inspirations for Pre-Fall 2020’s Bohemian Glamour collection.

So how does the Kate Moss decide what to wear for a night out? “I don’t have any rules for dressing up,” she explains, “but I definitely think about where I am going and about the kind of character that would be going to that place and what they would wear. I’ve also got a lot of icons—Anita Pallenberg and Susie Cave are glamourous women that I know.” When it comes to shoes, there’s no question for Kate. “I do like a strappy, high sandal. That’s my dream shoe—if I could wear them every day I would.”

"I do like a strappy, high sandal. That’s my dream shoe—if I could wear them every day I would"

Now an industry veteran, Kate can look back with a sense of experience and wisdom—something which she hopes she can pass down to the talent on the books of her modelling agency. “Opening KMA Agency was my most daring moment. What I’ve learnt along the way is that collaborating with the team is everything. The best advice I can give my models is to be professional and work hard and remember you can say no if you don’t want to do something. You have to trust your gut-instinct.” In terms of how the industry itself is shifting, Kate says it’s been more of a revolution than evolution. “I think the fashion industry has changed completely and I think it’s social media that has changed it.” Kate remains one of the last bastions of the old guard, shying away from building ‘a social following’, though her agency does have its own Instagram account. In amongst all that digital noise, with this generation’s supermodels detailing their every Matcha latte, Kate’s reserve and famous, “never complain, never explain,” maxim seems a vestige of halcyon days.

When it comes to her feelings about the shoes on set today, Kate says the three words, “modern, sexy and stylish,” are what she would use to describe Jimmy Choo—and that is exactly what her looks, captured for Pre-Fall 2020, evoke. Take the black tuxedo matched with the newest addition to Jimmy Choo’s sneaker line, HAWAII, the rose pink pussy bow gown in cascading silk paired with the METZ slender sandal, or the glistening ankle length gown finished perfectly with the cactus BAIA mule embellished with a drape of crystal fringe. All contemporary, alluring and resolutely chic. So, what’s the key to nailing modern glamour? “In 2020 glamour is being open-minded and confident – and a modern woman is confident within herself,” Kate says. As for Ms Moss, aside from her many achievements in her storied career, her pride within herself comes from her family life. “My proudest moment is when I see Lila, my daughter, growing up into a lovely young woman.” Brava Kate, thirty years in fashion and still an icon to us all.

"The best advice I can give my models is to be professional and work hard and remember you can say no if you don’t want to do something."

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