Empowering women affected by war and conflict

JIMMY CHOO SUPPORTS WOMEN. Through our ongoing partnership with Women for Women International - notably the Sister Sponsorship and Stronger Women, Stronger Nations programmes - we’ve empowered women around the world through access to life-changing education.

Jimmy Choo has proudly sponsored 50 women, or ‘sisters’, through Women for Women International’s Stronger Women, Stronger Nations programme. This includes women affected by war and conflict in Iraq, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, amongst others. Throughout this process, our team wrote regular letters to the participants, an invaluable facet of the programme that helped forge meaningful connections that transcends continents.

Over the course of 12-months, the sisters we sponsored learnt about four key topics:
- Health – specifically disease prevention, family planning, stress management and family nutrition.
- Human rights – focusing on gender equality and laws protecting sisters from violence and discrimination.
- Business skills – with an emphasis on learning vocational skills that provide an income in our sisters’ local markets, along with book-keeping and budgeting.
- Support networks – the Stronger Women, Stronger Nations programme brings women together in groups of 25, encouraging women to make friends build their own communities, regain their confidence and build a sisterhood support system to overcome the horrors experienced in war.

At the end of the 12-month Stronger Womean, Stronger Nations programme; participants increased their average daily income from $1.91 at enrolment to $5.32 at graduation*, 70% of women who graduated reported having discussed community issues with other women, compared to 46% at enrolment* and 79% of women reported participating in the decision to have another child, compared to just 46% at enrolment*.

As a brand we are immensely proud to be part of an initiative that believes in and invests in the power and potential of women to transform their lives, on their own terms, and create a ripple effect of change amongst their family and friends.

*these figures are based on data captured in 2021

Photo Credit: Serrah Galos



Jimmy Choo supports medical innovation

Jimmy Choo supports medical innovation

We partnered with Kaia Gerber to raise vital funds for St. Jude Children’s research hospital

Jimmy Choo supports women

Jimmy Choo supports women

Our ongoing partnership with Women for Women International Supports Women and their communities in countries affected by conflict

Jimmy choo supports crisis response

Jimmy Choo supports crisis response

Together with capri Holdings, we have contributed to the world food programme in response to the war in Ukraine