Fashion's Best Friend

with Chiara Ferragni

To celebrate our newest collection - a collaboration with Brazilian artist Rafael Mantesso and his aptly named English Bulldog Jimmy Choo - we sat down with one of the most stylish dog-lovers we know, Chiara Ferragni, to talk fun, fashion and why a dog is for life, not just for spring/summer…

Chiara Ferragni and her Choohound Matilda

Forget diamonds, a fashion girl’s real best friend comes in tail-wagging, furry, four-legged form - the kind of eternal companion that can raise spirits in (almost) the same way as a new pair of shoes. No one knows this better than super-blogger Chiara Ferragni of Blonde Salad fame, whose French Bulldog Matilda has accompanied her on her stratospheric rise from internet darling to international cover-girl. Who better to speak to, then, about our new Choohound collaboration, as well as her experiences of being the biggest blogger on the planet right now.

“Matilda’s joined me on so many shoots,” she tells us of her partner in crime, “She’s pretty stubborn - she is a bulldog, after all, but generally she’s always so well-behaved. Although there was one time when she was just a puppy… I left two pairs of shoes on the floor; one pair was really expensive and the other cost $30. She chewed the cheapest pair and I immediately understood that we were connected!” she laughs. “She (Matilda) even came with me on the set when I was shooting the Vogue Spain cover. Nico Bustos, the photographer, loves dogs too and he took some shots of her. We’ve got an amazing picture of us together that I hung on the wall of my bedroom in LA. I love it!”

“I left two pairs of shoes on the floor; one pair was really expensive and the other cost $30. Matilda chewed the cheapest pair and I immediately understood that we were connected!

- Chiara Ferragni

As dog/owner memories go, it’s quite a departure from playing fetch in the local park. It’s also a huge indicator of exactly how in-demand Chiara has become since launching her blog back in 2009. 3.8 million Instagram followers, countless magazine covers, collaborations and street-style scrums later, her (and Matilda’s - incidentally, also on Instagram as @matildaferragni) journey shows no signs of slowing.

A dog with an Instagram account isn’t quite as unusual as it once would’ve been (@toastmeetsworld and @tunameltsmyheart being another two top dogs of note), and is symbolic of just how much we fashion folk are enamoured with our mutts. Why does she think this is? “Dogs are just the best. How can you not love them?” Our sentiments exactly, but does she think they can, by proxy, get caught up in the madness of the style sphere? “I treat Matilda like a real dog and not a toy,” she tells us. “Dogs aren’t accessories at all. I don’t dress her up - the best treat for her is brushing so she can feel my love.

But what about her own version of dressing up? She’s built a reputation - and a livelihood - on her eye for a killer piece and her bold, feelgood style. “I particularly love to play with accessories so I feel connected to Jimmy Choo a lot,” she tells us. “I like to pair crazy ones with a basic outfit - my best styling tips are you can never have enough hats and shoes, and just be yourself and have fun.” Speaking of fun - both the Choohound collection and Chiara’s signature looks are a little bit tongue-in-cheek; quirky, irreverent and don’t take themselves too seriously.

“I really like the tote bag - it’s perfect for travelling,” - of which she does a lot; her self-appointed tag line is ‘The Blonde Salad never stops’. And what about her favourite ‘fun’ fashion item that she’s worn? “I love to wear customised pieces and have a lot of biker and Letterman jackets with my name on. It’s hard to choose but perhaps my favourite is actually a sweatshirt that all the Blonde Salad crew have. It has my name on it and my lucky number, seven. I wore one three fashion weeks ago and the photographers loved it!”

It’s easy to see why the paps fall over themselves to shoot her; as well as having the wardrobe of dreams, she’s as grounded as she is stylish. Perhaps that’s why dogs are so popular in style circles - when the craziness of the fashion sphere gets all too much, a four-legged friend will always remind you what it’s really all about.