Backstage at Coachella

With Haim the Band

Despite sneaking into the music festival as spectators since 2005, the California-based trio Haim (headlined by sisters Este, Danielle and Alana), describe their debut performance at Coachella as 'surreal'.

Haim, whose R&B-influenced soft rock was one of the must-see performances at the festival, went on the road with Jimmy Choo for the launch of the new rock-chic CHOO.08 collection.

Scroll down through for their interview and photo diary featuring some of their festival style secrets.

Coachella with Haim

Do you feel like your style is a reflection of your music? How about vice versa?

Music and fashion have always influenced each other. They have a very dialectical relationship so we’d be lying if we said that they didn’t influence each other in some way.

How would you define ‘festival style?’

Honestly, do you – you have to wear what makes you comfortable. Comfort is key.

Is your personal style different from your performing style?

No, we basically wear the clothes we wear on stage to bed.

Had you been to Coachella as spectators before or was this your first time?

We’ve been sneaking into Coachella since 2005 so it’s pretty crazy that we played this year.

What was it like playing at Coachella? Was it what you expected?

It was super surreal and we had the best time. We didn’t know what to expect, but our audiences were amazing.

Which other acts did you see at play?

Solange was amazing, Outkast was dope and dancing on stage with Pharell was crazy.

Are you coming to Europe for any of the big summer music festivals?

Yes. Get ready.

Which is your favourite shoe from the Jimmy Choo CHOO.08 collection?

The all black MARLIN boot.

Do you share clothes? Are there ever fights over clothes?

We all share clothes on the road. It’s basically on a first grab, first serve basis.

Do you use your clothes to get you in the mood for performing?

Alana – I’m really superstitious and I have one pair of shorts that I wear almost every show.

Do you feel like all three of you have very similar styles or very different?

We have the same sensibilities when it comes to dressing, but we do each have specific styles and items that we love to wear.