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Party at Home with Classic Style

Street style stars Victoria Magrath, Kayla Seah and Amy Lefevre are eternally chic. Their style is classic, and the wardrobe result is one of timeless elegance. In a year like no other, the holiday season and its parties are unrecognisable, but that doesn’t mean we can’t – or won’t – party (safely) at home and dress to impress with refined elegance. Read on for how our Jimmy Choo community sparked joy in a year in the most unlikely of circumstances, as well as their advice on accessorising and emitting confidence in the everyday.

Amy Lefevre wearing BING and carrying VARENNE CLUTCH

"As long as you are confident and comfortable in what you wear, you will always look great"


The influencer and author, otherwise known as blogger IntheFrow, perfectly embodies old-school glamour. Victoria’s signature style is blended in a chic and sleek minimalist way, and here, she enthuses about dressing up and addresses the importance of being kind to the planet.

"It is my belief that accessories aren’t only an essential finishing touch to any outfit, they are an incredible tool that can hold the ability to transform your look within seconds.

'This year I have relished any opportunity to dress up. Of course, I have had many days in a comfy two-piece in front of the wood fire, but a trip to the shops is not complete without my MAHESA boots in leopard print, paired with a camel trench coat, knitted dress and VARENNE clutch.

'It is important to me to be kind to the planet. We need to invest in classic, quality pieces that will last us a lifetime. Nothing makes it into my wardrobe unless I can think of at least three ways to style it throughout the season. It’s a fabulous way to shop, because each piece you own come with a narrative and its own meaning that is special to you.

'I am looking forward to being able to experience the world in all its glory again. I hope that we shall be able to create special memories with family and friends, to make up for all the times we have missed them this year".

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" I fell in love with the mesh detailing in the LIU heels, it looks so sexy on the foot"


With five million followers watching her every move on Instagram, Karen Wazen has the fashion world at her feet. Here the Lebanese-British influencer, who is based in Dubai, talks classic style and the positives she is taking from an extraordinary year.

"There is this special feeling about wearing a nice pair of heels, and it makes me feel good even if I’m staying in. I’ve always been a more classic kind of girl in terms of my shoes, and my favourites have to be the classic black pumps that look so good whether dressed up or down.

'To me, Jimmy Choo represents a strong, confident yet fun and full-of-life woman... and that’s the woman I would love to represent.

'The holiday season for me is always about going back home to be with my family. This year it’ll be the first time ever that I’ll be spending it in Dubai. I feel very grateful to be with my husband and children but there will definitely be something missing, and that is being around my whole family back home.

'I do feel changed by the events of 2020, because so much has changed and I’ve learnt so many lessons. One of them is definitely to slow down and appreciate the little things around me which I tended to take for granted with a very fast paced life.

'My mantra for 2021? Take each day as it comes and be grateful for every little thing".

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Model-of-the-moment and social media star Amy Lefevre is no stranger to fast-paced runways and daring ensembles, but her polished personal taste is far more timeless and classic. Here, she shares her tips for wardrobe confidence and reveals which Jimmy Choo heel is her ‘power piece’.

Despite staying in this year, I am still planning on dressing up for Zoom parties and video chats with friends. For the holidays, I am especially excited to don a pair of the BING embellished mules. They are so beautifully crafted and are perfect for holiday events with a little black dress and a chic little handbag.

Speaking of the BING mules, they most definitely make me feel most confident. They are a power piece I would wear every day if I could. The glitz and craftsmanship are impeccable. I wanted a strong party look this year so I went all out with a stunning silver dress to match the brilliant mules. Such mules require a full power look and this dress paired so well.

When it comes to styling myself, I always advise myself to dress in what makes me feel best. As long as you are confident and comfortable in what you wear, you will always look great.

Accessories are make or break for an outfit. You can pair a power handbag with a casual look, and you will automatically exude confidence. The right pair of shoes have the same effect and are the perfect way to elevate any look.

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Victoria Magrath wears AVELINE and carries BON BON

" I am looking forward to being able to experience the world in all its glory again"


Canadian blogger Kayla Seah is the ultimate street style star. Her feed is filled with sleek and pared-back content that emits classic taste, and here, while styling the striking LIU sandals, Kayla expands on her love for minimalism and shares what she has learned this year.

"Accessories play a huge part in creating an outfit. I’m quite minimal with my style so the bag and shoes need to be a strong shape or fabric to complete my look. With this in mind, the most useful styling advice I’ve ever received is that the bag and shoes should complement each other, not fight over who gets the spotlight.

'Jimmy Choo is iconic for its luxury classics and playful pieces. While on set I fell in love with the mesh detailing in the LIU heels, it looks so sexy on the foot. I styled it with a mint green silk dress that complemented the black heels perfectly.

'I do feel changed by the events of 2020. I have learned so much this past year. In particular, I have learned that nothing is guaranteed. This has allowed me to be way more present. This holiday season, I would choose to give the gift of Jimmy Choo to my mum. I think she would love how practical and gorgeous the YOUTH II boots are".

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" There is this special feeling about wearing a nice pair of heels that makes me feel good even if I’m staying in"

Featuring BING
Featuring LIU


How are you going to being the party home this season?

Victoria: We plan on making a number of new holiday traditions, including hot chocolate and movie nights and DIY restaurant evenings in our orangery.

Kayla: Dressing up in the LIU heels and opening a bottle with my close loved ones will be my type of party this season! My boyfriend is a DJ, so I’m guaranteed good music.

Amy: Zoom videos are the way to go this year! The benefit of staying at home is that we get extra time to decorate and go all-out on making our homes super cheerful and special for the holidays.

Karen: To me a good party is good music, the right company and good party food. We have decorated our house in a very festive mood to have a feel of the holiday in our home. Spending time with my husband with some music will be the perfect party at home.

What is on your playlist?

V: Typically, I love a mix of rock and pop. Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen was my wedding song. Every time I listen to it, it takes me straight back to the moment where I was of twirling in my dress, with my husband as the rain fell. It’s one of my favourite memories that I shall cherish forever.

Kayla: Ariana Grande and Ella Fitzgerald.

A: Holiday classics (lots of All I Want for Christmas is You) and hits from Lizzo, BTS and Megan the Stallion.

K: My taste in music is so varied but my favourite music is the one that I can sing and dance along to.

What is on your Choo wish list this year?

V: The BING 100 mules in black patent leather, with a beaded BON BON bag to match. I am throwing myself into dressing up for this holiday season. I want to feel my best, most glamourous self as we kick off the new year.

Kayla: I love all the MAHESA and BECA boots. They are such classics and would last me season after season.

A: Honestly everything...But my top picks are ALIA, BING, AVELINE and BECA over-the-knee boots in snake printed leather.

K: The BON BON bag!

What are the elements that you think make a great party?

V: Good people, good wine, great food! I like to make a signature cocktail for my guests on arrival so they can instantly relax into the party atmosphere.

Kayla: Music, lighting, decor and people who want to dance.

A: A fun crowd, loved ones, great food, upbeat tunes and a nice environment. All, fortunately, possible via Zoom!

K: Food, music, and good company.

Describe your perfect party outfit.

V: A power suit! Beautifully tailored, clean cut lines and gorgeous trims, what is not to love? Pair with a touch of sparkle, the MISTY 120 sandals in champagne are a favourite of mine for the holiday season.

Kayla: A good black heel and a form fitting silk dress.

A: The perfect outfit would brighten up the room and be the life of the party. A glittery dress paired with a beautiful pair of Jimmy Choo shoes is perfect for holidays.

K: A little black dress and a nice pair of heels.

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