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Party at Home with a Pop of Colour

The holiday season may feel different this year, but even more reason to dress up to lift your mood. Promising to keep spirits high is digital influencer Yoyo Cao, writer and stylist Anna Vitiello and super blogger Ellie Delphine. This trio loves nothing more than to take centre stage wearing a wardrobe of standout, and perhaps most importantly, mood-boosting colour. December is traditionally party season but now many of us are at home the party needs to be reinvented by dressing for the life you want. Shoes have long had the power to transform both physically and emotionally so there’s no better way to feel celebratory., as illustrated by this stylist trio. Accessorising with their favourite Jimmy Choo shoes and accessories, prepare for a party on the feet, and to feel (and look) merry and bright.

Ellie Delphine wearing SEHA

"I love all shades of pink, so my eyes were instantly drawn to the SEHA sandals"


An influencer and entrepreneur rolled into one, Yoyo Cao is the epitome of elegance. Expressing her personal style in our bold fuchsia and chilli LYZ heels, the Singapore-based social media star reveals how she feels changed by the events of 2020 - as well as how Jimmy Choo always makes her feel.

"I believe accessories can entirely turn even a ‘blah’ outfit into one that’s party ready. The way I accessorise really depends on my outfit for the night. Typically, I always have earrings on – my hoop pearl earrings have been a go-to of late. If I’m feeling extra festive, I reach for the embellished ones instead. And I always have my rings on. Finally, a pair of Jimmy Choo heels makes me feel confident.

'I typically spend the holidays overseas with my family, but of course, this year we’ll be at home instead. I’m thinking of cooking this year, which is something I haven’t done before…I am definitely looking forward to travelling next year, fingers crossed.

'What I take from 2020 is gratitude. I feel incredibly grateful for everything that I have in my life. The health and wellbeing of my loved ones and being able to continue doing what I love to do for a source of income. I’ve really learnt to adapt to changes and challenges in 2020. With this in mind, the mantra I am taking into 2021 is ‘always count your blessings".

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" Jimmy Choo really symbolises that timeless appeal that luxury is all about"


Ellie Delphine is a polished Parisian on everyone’s radar. A lover of pink, Ellie is expert at injecting a hint of colour into her wardrobe to liven up a monochrome palette. Here, the social media star talks of the importance of accessories and reveals which Jimmy Choo sandals she loves to dress up in.

"Accessories can make or break an outfit, that’s how important they are in my eyes. I love to dress up in the SEHA sandals as they are high-heeled, feminine and comfortable. They are also pink, and I love the colour pink. Plus, they are adorned with the cutest little bows which softens the very dramatic look of the shoe and brings a playful element to it.

'The best piece of styling advice I have ever been given is to dress for your figure and your shape. Not everything will work for you and you must be honest with yourself, know your body and dress for it.

'I always spend the holiday season with my family on the beautiful island of Martinique in the Caribbean. Hopefully I will be able to safely travel this year there to be with my loved ones. 2020 has humbled me and taught me not to take things for granted, and to be grateful for what I already have. I’ve learned to stop putting off tasks for tomorrow that I can do today and to tell the people that I hold dear to my heart that I love them."

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Yoyo Cao wears LYZ

" I’ve really learnt to adapt to changes and challenges in 2020. I feel incredibly grateful for everything I have in my life"


London-based writer and stylist Anna Vitiello is a street-style favourite, thanks to her statement pieces always showcasing the bright side of life. Styling LYZ, Anna details her love of clashing colours and reveals what she’s learned from her years in the fashion industry.

"I like to keep my look simple - perhaps wear black leggings and silk blouse – but then accessorise with the BON drawstring bag in fuchsia and slip into the LYZ heels complete with jewelled buckle. A touch of sparkle never fails to lift my look and my mood, especially now.

'I adore a colour clash - it has a way of giving any look an ultramodern touch - so I paired the LYZ with a vintage dress from the ‘80s to give it an unexpected twist. It’s over-the-top, but that’s me!

'Over the years I’ve learned how important the finer details are - it’s the cinched waist or the bright shoe that really pulls a look together and creates something unique.

'Jimmy Choo is a brand I’ve loved since I was a teenager and inspired me as a student, and to now have so many treasured pieces in my wardrobe that I’ll never tire of really symbolises that timeless appeal that luxury is all about. I like to think that I’ll still be wearing my favourite Jimmy Choo pieces when I’m 70."

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Featuring SEHA
Featuring LYZ


How are you going to bring the party home this season?

Anna: Lots of music, a beautiful table setting for my family to enjoy and my parents’ cooking.

Yoyo: With a good meal and great company – this sounds like an amazing time.

Ellie: Adding small touches of glam here and there, some sparkly bits to decorate my shelves, plus flower bouquets.

What’s on your playlist?

A: I’m big - verging on obsessed - with Christmas, so I’m a sucker for a Christmas playlist. That, and a side of some Andrea Bocelli for my Dad.

Y: Lots of Michael Bublé.

E: I’m guilty of listening to Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas on repeat.

What is on your Choo wish list this year?

A: The HAYSLEY boots in black - I have them in white and they’re my most worn and favourite boots ever.

Y: The ALIETTE slippers. I’d like one in every colour please Santa!

E: The THYRA sandals are everything I’m looking for in a party shoe. I’m obsessed with how sexy and elegant they are.

What are the elements to throwing a great party?

A: It’s all about the people - they create the atmosphere and bring all the joy, especially throughout the festive season. Delicious boards of nibbles and a Campari soda never go a miss, either!

Y: When it comes down to it, good company is everything. And of course, food.

E: I would say good music, good company, good vibes and good board games.

Describe your perfect party outfit.

A: A structured blazer with tights, or a ruffled 80s party dress, complete with matching sparkling accessories. I love the way a pop of colour pulls an outfit together.

Y: Comfort is key. I love to have a good time eating, drinking and socialising, so I would hate to wear anything that wouldn’t allow me do these things!

E: An extravagant mini dress with an oversized bow or giant ruffles, and some sexy high heel stiletto shoes to go with it.

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