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Party at Home with Showstopping Sparkle

Embellished handbag? Check. Disco ball? Check. Sparkling sandals? Also check. We may be staying in more, but that doesn’t mean style should be any less extravagant. In the run up to the holidays, we invited digital influencers Alex Riviere, Leonie Hanne and Charlotte Groeneveld to share their seasonal celebrations and create iconic moments from the comfort of their homes. Here, the stylish trio open up about how their worlds have changed during this extraordinary year, while proving that glitz and sparkle has true staying (in) power and is not just for the holiday season.

Alex Riviere wears THYRA

"My outfits are always chosen starting by the shoes I feel like wearing"


Truly authentic, Charlotte Groeneveld’s style is leisure meets luxury. Originally from The Netherlands but now based in New York, the global influencer advises on how best to balance sparkling embellishment with downtime dressing.

"I’m someone who generally always picks boots and sneakers over heels, but the more casually I dress - I’m talking jeans and knit, or even sweats and a hoodie - the more inclined I feel to wear heels or chic sling backs. It’s all about that sweet mix of styles.

'The THYRA sandals make me feel most confident. Styled with the white shirt, I love the crystal embellishment and it makes my legs look amazing. My feet perfectly fitted in the shape of them, I couldn’t feel any more sophisticated and elegant.

'Jimmy Choo creates the ultimate shoes. Once you put a pair on, you will understand. The best piece of styling advice I have ever been given is: less is more. This doesn’t mean casual, it means it is a balance of just the right amount of glamour, opulence and elegance.

'This year has helped me to learn to focus on what matters. What’s important. And what we can do without. It requires adaptability, and even though I always knew I’m an early adapter, it hasn’t been easy as this not only involved me. Our whole family lifestyle changed. Dynamics got turned upside down. Homeschooling, two parents working from home, no access to help, yet we still need to make sure deadlines are met. Communication is always important, but we learned to master it this year".

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"I love experimenting with eye-catching shoes as they are a great way to show your personality"


Some of us like to make a statement with sparkle. Alex Riviere is one of those people. The influencer, stylist and designer perfectly balances minimalist style served with a touch of embellishment that lights up the room. It is fair to say a little sparkle goes a long way.

"Firstly, I’m a sandal lover, no matter what the season. I love both very minimal and clean designs to more extravagant touches, such as extra-large bows or pave crystal detail. The perfect bag is one crafted from velvet.

'My outfits are always chosen by the shoes I feel like wearing. Shoes are my starting point. The best piece of styling advice I have ever been given is, ‘less is more’.

'My life for the last five years has been completely hectic. Travelling almost three different cities every week, combined with tonnes of work, means I had very little time for my loved ones or myself. This year has provided time to stop and think, and it has made me realise even more that nothing is worth it if you don’t have health or your loved ones. Those two things are the only ones that really matter.

'This year will be undeniably different, but I will make it special but using this time to enjoy my family more than ever. My mantra for 2021 is: ‘I have one for life, make the best out of it".

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Charlotte Groeneveld wears THYRA

"My perfect party outfit is either casual on top and chic on the bottom, or the other way around"


German influencer, blogger and model Leonie Hanne is no stranger to showstopping sparkle. Every look she serves speaks of refinement and every detail elevates and glistens in the sunlight. Here, she shares her styling advice and explains the meaningful thought process behind wearing heeled shoes.

"I love experimenting with eye-catching shoes, as they add surprising and unexpected elements of fun to outfits and they are a great way to show your personality. I just love a pretty heel. Whether I’m dressing up inside or outside, I’m never without the perfect heel. Heeled shoes make me feel empowered and strong.

'Accessories are also important, as they instantly elevate any outfit. The best piece of styling advice you have ever been given is, ‘Everything looks better when you wear it with confidence’.

'I styled the most sparkly shoes I could find, because the party season it the only time of year when more is more.

'Usually I’d be with all my family in Germany for the holiday season. I intend to make the season still feel special by dressing up and eating lots of delicious food. Next year I will remind myself to take time to appreciate the little things. As difficult and different as the year has been, it’s still important to reflect and to try and see the positive takeaways. Personally, it’s been so different for me to slow down and travel much less for work, but it’s been nice to take stock of what’s important".

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Featuring THYRA
Featuring BON BON


How are you going to bring the party home this season?

Alex:Everything is about attitude and good company. Quality over quantity applies to everything!

Leonie: Decorating for the festive season and playing my favourite wintery songs to get me in the mood.

Charlotte:Decorating the disco balls and a Christmas tree. We live on our dining table, so that will be the most decorated spot throughout.

What is on your playlist?

A: Lenny Kravitz and Rhye.

L: I feel like lately all I listen to are TikTok songs...

C: I have been listening to the Christmas Classics on Spotify since end of October. Is that too early?

What is on your Choo wish list this year?

A: Tricky! STACEY 85 in black, yellow LORRE 100 or MAVIS 85 in beige suede.

L: I’d never say no to a new pair of sparkly Choos!

C: The THYRA sandals with crystal detail. They are a dream.

What are the elements that make a great party?

A: Good company and good music.

L: It’s all about the ambiance, the outfits, the snacks, and most importantly – the company.

C: The people, music and one delicious drink - or more…

Describe your perfect party outfit.

A: Black tuxedo and high heeled sandals.

L: A glittery dress that makes me feel glam, chic earrings which aren’t too much but aren’t too little, and of course a statement party heel and bag to bring the whole look together.

C: It’s either casual on the top and chic on the bottom, or the other way around.

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