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Chloë Grace Moretz styles Spring Summer 2018

A Weekend Getaway

With Chloë Grace Moretz

The rays are beating down on yet another Californian day of sun, as 21-year-old starlet, Chloë Grace Moretz, takes residence beside the leafy pool at The Parker Hotel—one of Palm Springs’ iconic properties. But this isn’t Chloë’s first desert jaunt—indeed, the resort destination is, as she explains, the ultimate weekend getaway. “Growing up in LA, I’ve been coming to Palm Springs since I was young. I love the history attached to this small oasis.” Of course, for Chloë, that childhood was somewhat more glamorous than for most. Making her on-screen debut aged just seven with 2005’s Amityville Horror, her filmography, which spans blockbuster hits like Kick Ass & Carrie as well as acclaimed indie titles, is nothing if not prolific. With four films already slated for release this year, if anyone needs some downtime it’s Ms Moretz.

Packing for a weekend jaunt is, she says, about keeping it simple, “All you need are sunglasses and shoes—they’re definitely my statement pieces when I’m on a getaway.” Indeed, footwear is, she explains, a mainstay of her wardrobe. “When I was younger, my mom always had the best shoe collection, so I always knew that’s what I wanted too. The perfect shoes for me are comfortable, but they also have to stand out.” Chloë’s bag requirements are equally specific: “It depends on where I’m wearing it. If it’s a clutch, it needs to be big enough to hold my lipstick, phone, and wallet. And I definitely need it to be a cross-body, just in case the night leads to dancing!”

When it comes to career drive, Chloë explains she’s always been determined to play the industry by her own rules. “It was never a question for me whether I wanted to be the heroine of my own story or the damsel in distress. I always wanted to be the one taking charge instead of riding shotgun. I was raised by a single mother and my four brothers. From the get-go, I was bound to have a strong opinion of who I wanted to be in this world, which translated to who I am in this industry,” she says. “I’d say my drive comes from my deep love of acting, and film making in general. I’ve always wanted to be the best that I could be at my craft, because I truly respect the medium.”

"Jimmy Choo has always made me feel flirty and sexy, while still being comfortable in myself."

A long-time red-carpet Jimmy Choo devotee, Chloë’s penchant for the brand is all down to the way the designs express her individuality. “My Jimmy Choos have always made me feel flirty and sexy, while still being comfortable in myself—they make my outfits feel uniquely me, be it for a red-carpet event or Thanksgiving dinner. For example, when I was at Sundance Film Festival, I didn’t take off a pair of perfect gold Jimmy Choo boots. I ended up wearing them to the Women’s Rally and then after the march I wore the same boots with a dress by Vampire’s Wife for the film premiere. In the falling snow, the shoes made me feel like Wonder Woman!”

That attitude has also been reflected in Chloë’s take on female empowerment, though she’s keen to point out that the complexity of the problem defies one single solution, “I’ve found that always vocalizing my opinion, while simultaneously listening, comprehending, and learning from others’ has been more beneficial than just having one stance,” she says. “It’s helpful to have progressive debates on subjects; there are so many ways to empower yourself and others around you.” When it comes to female mentors in Hollywood, Chloë counts herself fortunate, “I’ve been incredibly lucky, from the time I was a kid, to have always worked with such supportive women, in front of and behind the camera. They taught me, as did my brothers and my mother, that we are stronger together. Supporting each other will get us further than being so fiercely competitive that you alienate not only others around you, but yourself as well.”

This year, Chloë will continue to champion the causes that most matter to her with the release of The Miseducation of Cameron Post, a film about a young girl forced into a gay conversion therapy centre by her conservative guardians. The script took on resonance for Chloë, not just because two of her brothers came out at a young age, but also, because it was a story about inequality and discrimination which she deeply felt needed to be told. “It’s important to me that I use my platform to create and be part of projects that are progressive—especially considering our country’s current political climate. My brothers coming out showed me at a very young age that we are all equal; that love is love. It also showed me how important it is to stand up for the people whose voices are being taken from them.”

As such an eloquent and confident woman, it’s little surprise that her creative ambitions go beyond just the next audition. As well as photography, a passion which she showcases to her 14.2 million fans on Instagram, Chloë admits that she’s interested in pursuing roles behind the scenes. “I’m excited to try my hand at different jobs in this industry, to really dive into being more of a creator than just an actor,” she reveals, “From producing through my production company, to co-directing with my brother, Trevor, I believe I’ll come in to my own artistic groove over the coming years.” You certainly wouldn’t bet against her.

"It was never a question for me whether I wanted to be the heroine of my own story or the damsel in distress. I always wanted to be the one taking charge instead of riding shotgun."

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