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Cocktail Party Dressing Style Challenge

Evangelie Smyrniotak featuring LANCER sandals

"The shoes are everything when it comes to dressing for evening—as we would say in Greek, they are the A to Z"


German style blogger Caro Daur is an events supremo, attending countless cocktails, parties and fashion industry dinners every week. With 1.2 million Instagram followers what she wears has a big influence on trends across the globe. Here she explains how she navigates after-dark chic.

If I had to describe my party style, I’d say it was playful, but always elegant. As I often have to get up early for work the next morning, sometimes I’m sensible and manage to leave a party at a good time. But when the music is great, I might end up being the last one dancing—especially if they play 50 Cent’s Candyshop (an oldie, but goodie)—so I do keep that in mind when I’m choosing which style to wear.

At the moment, I’m in love with velvet shoes. I chose the MARCELLA shoes for the shoot as they have a block heel, so I can dance (and walk) for longer in them. For a cocktail dress code, I’ll often go for a jumpsuit with heels, because it can feel a bit cooler. But the truth is all you really need for a great party is a group of good friends and the right shoes to dance until dawn.

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"With a pair of shoes like these, you start with the heels and then work the rest of your outfit around them"

It’s that time of year again when your diary suddenly starts filling up and a party marathon beckons. But the question is: how do you nail cocktail hour style night after night? Here we’ve enlisted three street style superstars— Evangelie Smyrniotaki, Helena Bordon & Caro Daur to give us their tips on making cocktail and occasionwear glitter all party season long.


Grecian beauty, Evangelie Smyrniotaki is one of the most recognisable faces on the street style circuit. Her @styleheroine blog and Instagram feed with over 215k followers are destinations for elevated, yet wearable style. Here she gives us the fast-track on her approach to party season dressing.

When it comes to cocktail hour, I’m more feminine than usual and I’ll usually choose a dress or a mini skirt, which I’d wear with a men’s shirt or silk blouse. For me though, the shoes are everything when it comes to dressing for evening—as we would say in Greek, they are the A to Z.

As I’m always the last to leave the party, I need to be comfortable. So that means ideally wearing your shoes in before your night out. I generally say that sandals are more forgiving than closed toe pumps if you’re wearing new shoes, so make sure your pedicure is in order too. But I always, always wear heels, even if it means I have to sit down for a bit, because nothing else makes me feel in the party mood.

For my shoot outfit here, I really loved the contrast of black and red for cocktail hour—and the LANCER stilettos are so comfortable. As for what will get me on the dancefloor, while I don’t like to admit it, it’s probably something cheesy from the 80s–it might not be the coolest, but it’s definitely the most fun!

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Caro Daur featuring MARCELLA sandals and CLOUD clutch

"For a cocktail dress code, I’ll often go for a jumpsuit with heels, because it can feel a bit cooler"


Brazilian entrepreneur, model and street style star Helena Bordon is a fashion week front row staple. Here she offers an insight into the tips and tricks that help her cope with an overflowing diary come party season.

It sounds like a cliché, but the right shoes can transform your party experience from something amazing to something horrible. Once I went to this really exciting party and even though I knew my new (very pretty) shoes were uncomfortable, I was determined to wear them. My night ended an hour later because my feet were killing me—so it does really matter which style you pick. I’d say my party uniform was leather pants with an amazing bag and shoes and for cocktail I’ll go for a great black dress with heels—but now I make sure I can stand in them!

These days I’ll normally walk around in a new pair of shoes at home for a bit to make sure they are broken in, but I do often end up relying on styles that I know work. I definitely fell in love with the MOORE sandals that I wore for the shoot, because the heel height is so comfortable and they look so sexy on. With a pair of shoes like these, you start with the heels and then work the rest of your outfit around them.

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A style influencer’s ultimate guide to party season dressing

What is your favourite ever party outfit and why?

Evangelie: It’s a red dress—very flowy and easy to wear. I love wearing red for any occasion.

Helena: A little black dress with amazing heels—you can’t go wrong.

Caro: The classic little black dress and stilettos, but I like to “pimp” my look with more exciting accessories like a glittery bag or shoes.

Do you ever get to the point where there are so many parties you have nothing to wear? What’s your solution?

Evangelie: I never have anything to wear! I always end up going back to the same dresses that make me feel great in a colour that suits my skin.

Helena: I’ll just go for something that I know fits perfectly—that always works no matter what the dress code.

Caro: Accessories are the solution! Earrings, necklaces, shoes and clutches can change your look immediately.

Would you re-wear the same outfit in the same party season?

Evangelie: Of course! Why not? If I look great, I might wear it three times. I’ll just change the accessories and hair.

Helena: I love recycling what I wear. All you have to do is switch the shoes, bags & jewellery and you have a totally different look.

Caro: I have my favourite looks which make me feel the most confident and I just style them differently every time I wear them.

What makes the perfect party shoe?

Evangelie: They have to be high heels, very feminine and sexy. But that doesn’t mean uncomfortable—honestly even with pointy toe styles you can wear Jimmy Choos for the whole party.

Helena: If you know the party is going to be good try to wear heels, but don’t go too high, so that you can dance the night away.

Caro: The perfect party shoe is a high heel with a platform.

Can you make cocktail work in flats?

Evangelie: Well, I personally wouldn’t like to.

Helena: Yes—it’s all about what you are wearing and finding right flats. I love pointy, sparkly ones which look extra chic.

Caro: You can! But I personally prefer high heels at a cocktail party because they feel more feminine and sexy.

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