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Featuring GALA

"I love glitter flats because they offer a little flash of glamour, but don’t feel too try-hard"


Brazilian influencer and fashion businesswoman Helena Bordon is known for both her striking looks and elevated style. Seamlessly combining casual staples and high-end, directional pieces, Helena is one of the most photographed faces on the fashion circuit. Below she describes how she personally makes glitter cool.

I’d say my style is pretty casual. I love wearing a good pair of jeans, a white t-shirt and leather jacket with the right accessories. I think a bag and a pair of amazing shoes can completely change your look. I’ve never really found glitter to be excessively girly—in fact I’ve almost seen it as opposite, because really which girl doesn’t want to feel like a princess and be treated like one? But of course, it’s about wearing it in moderation.

If I’m wearing glitter I wouldn’t combine it with print or bold patterns because it’s much cooler to let the glitter speak for itself. For the look I’m wearing here, you can see I’ve chosen a ‘pyjama’ suit which immediately feels laidback and chic, letting the shoes take centre stage. As with everything, it’s always about finding pieces which suit your own style and flatter your body then adding in the final, finishing touches with your accessories. And glitter never fails to deliver.

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"Glitter looks great with streetwear, or something really casual—you want to have that element of surprise "

Sugar and spice and all things nice—that’s the kind of femininity that glitter has a reputation for. But a recent flurry of fashion pack devotees have shown that sparkly shoes and bags have much more to offer. Here we get the low-down from three front row stalwarts, influencer Evangelie Smyrniotaki, fashion entrepreneur and influencer Helena Bordon and Spanish model & influencer Gala Gonzalez on just how to make glitter cool.


Gala Gonzalez hails from Galicia, Spain and is both a model and influencer, chronicling her style at amlul.com. Her personal aesthetic combines a relaxed and effortless attitude with emerging design and a feminine twist. Here she talks about how she integrates glitter into her wardrobe.

My personal style is a fun mixture of fabrics and textures. It always has to feel effortless or else it doesn’t feel true to me. So when I approach glitter, it can never be princess-y or over-polished—for me glitter just reminds you to have a little bit of fun when you dress up.

I think the key to success is wearing glitter in unexpected ways. A pair of glittery shoes or a bag looks great with utilitarian fabrics like denim—either blue, black or white wide leg jeans for example.

For my outfit here, I wanted to create something which felt sophisticated and stylish, but also cool. I looked to work in different fabrics, textures and shapes to keep it interesting. With accessories, I also think you have to really consider the colour of the glitter and the shape of the shoes and bags. I love glitter flats because they offer a little flash of glamour, but don’t feel too try-hard, and in terms of colour it’s great to tone in with your outfit, so the shoes and bags don’t stand out too much.

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Featuring LANCE

"I’ve never really found glitter to be excessively girly…but of course, it’s about wearing it in moderation"


Evangelie Smyrniotaki is a woman who knows how to dress for a party. Whether she’s hitting the dancefloor in New York or walking the red carpet in her native Athens, she always looks flawless. Here she discusses exactly how you can take glitter from day to after dark, ensuring your look is still ultra-cool every step of the way.

My style is easy-going; a mix between the feminine and masculine. So when I’m considering adding glitter to an outfit, I definitely adapt the rest of my style. I wouldn’t wear glitter with say, a girly babydoll, but glittery shoes would look great with a tuxedo, for example. I don’t think we should label things as being inherently feminine or masculine—you can do so many different things with your wardrobe, it’s just about how you combine different pieces.

Personally I like contradictions in the way I dress; the idea of wearing something polished like a cocktail dress with something completely street like a hoodie. Glitter looks great with streetwear, or something really casual—you want to have that element of surprise. I definitely think the quality of glitter is really important, especially when it comes to accessories. Cheap glittery shoes are not chic and the shape is really critical. I like a long pointy flat or pointed pumps and you should always opt for a sophisticated colour like a charcoal grey.

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A style influencer’s ultimate guide to wearing glitter

What does glitter symbolise to you?

Gala: Fun, wild nights and sexiness.

Helena: Femininity, glamour and power.

Evangelie: It’s fun, playful and feminine.

Are there any occasions when glitter isn’t appropriate?

Gala: I think you can always wear glitter whether it’s in your outfit or even in your makeup. It’s just about the way you style it.

Helena: I think a little bit of glitter is always good. You can wear jeans, a t-shirt and glittery flats or sneakers during the day and it works well.

Evangelie: I wouldn’t wear glitter in the office.

Tell us your favourite glittery memory.

Gala: Last summer I was wearing glitter all over my face for a party and by the end of the night, everybody was covered in it!

Helena: It has to be the pair of glitter shoes I wore on a trip to India with Jimmy Choo. It was such an amazing experience.

Evangelie: It’s all from my childhood—I was always head to toe in glitter.

How can you make glitter cool?

Gala: I love mixing glitter with jeans and more casual fabrics. For me it’s all about dressing it down.

Helena: Styling it with denim always works.

Evangelie: Wear with jeans or a simple, ethereal dress.

Are there any glitter no-nos?

Gala: Just try to avoid overdoing it. It needs to feel fun, not over-indulgent.

Helena: Less is more, I wouldn’t wear a glitter bag AND glitter shoes at the same time.

Evangelie: I think that the glitter should be the centre of attention. I wouldn’t mix is with anything too loud, you want the glitter to be the standout piece.

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