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Introducing CHOO SKETCH

Discover how your shoe sketch could become part of an exclusive capsule collection curated by our Creative Director, Sandra Choi.

In these unique and challenging times, our Creative Director, Sandra Choi, is finding creative escapism in sketching, the perfect outlet for a sense of calm and mindfulness. We invite you to join Sandra to share your sketches of ultimate fantasy shoes. You will also have the chance of your sketch becoming one of five designs in an exclusive capsule collection

Collaboration is integral to creativity. I collaborate daily with my design team; the dialogue of different ideas keeps inspiration ignited and pushes boundaries. We also look outside to collaborate with partners from different areas – fashion designers, artists, illustrators and photographers, the opportunities are endless. Authenticity is key to a successful collaboration where the meeting of minds from different worlds fuses to spark the imagination resulting in ideas that surprise and delight. - SANDRA CHOI

It’s time for you to get creative: sketch your ultimate fantasy shoe and you could be in with the chance of Sandra choosing your sketch to be brought to life as part of an exclusive capsule of five styles in a forthcoming collection. From the entrants received, Sandra will select her top 10 designs, and from there, our Instagram followers will vote for their top 5. Those winners will then see their sketches developed into a capsule collection, and the proceeds from sales will be donated to charity.


How to Enter

1. Sketch your shoe design from home, and take a photograph or scan into your computer
2. Email your sketch to ChooSketch@JimmyChoo.com with your name, location, and the name of your design. All entries must be received by May 15th
3. Sandra will then select her top 10 designs, which will be posted to our Instagram account for our followers to vote
4. Winners will be announced on Instagram following completion of the voting process
5. For full terms and conditions, click here