Jimmy Choo is proud to announce the appointment of Chinese actress and singer Victoria Song Qian as the inaugural Asian Brand Ambassador. Talented, confident and undeniably stylish with a playful edge, Victoria’s trendsetting charisma is a natural fit to Jimmy Choo’s enduring appeal. Victoria has been a loyal fan of Jimmy Choo on her journey to becoming one of the most beloved idol and fashion icon’s in China. Today, the partnership of Victoria and Jimmy Choo begins a new chapter to bring to life the partnership with many more memorable moments of style and glamour on and off the red carpet.

Victoria has a fresh and daring style with a natural instinct for fashion, you can tell she likes to have fun with it whilst appreciating the creativity. I am very excited to be able to work with her and proud that she will be representing Jimmy Choo in Asia

– Sandra Choi, Creative Director

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