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"Your work uniform should be something that enhances your sense of self rather than something to hide behind"


Spanish-born Gala Gonzalez is a front row fixture and multi-tasker with a CV covering blogging, modelling, dj’ing and designing. Here she gives us an insight into how she nails professional style while maintaining her trademark nonchalance.

If you want to make suiting feel fashion relevant, it’s important to not look too perfect. Even in a super-formal environment, I try and make my look feel real and not too over-done. When it comes to tailoring, I’ll go for masculine shoes, let my hair down and add a slick of red lipstick—it’s those touches that keep the look fresh.

The types of suits I look for work all day long from the office to an event, but also allow you to feel feminine at the same time. For my outfit, I’ve chosen leather culottes and a layered knit. I think it’s really important to never show too much skin in a formal environment. Accessories are also essential to make an impression—here I’ve gone for a roomy hand-held tote and supple leather knee high boots. I chose them because they’re really easy to walk in and boots are always a very sexy and powerful accessory.

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"It’s your accessories that bring your sense of personality to suiting—they just add another note to your work style"

Formal workwear is one of the trickiest things to get right, but it has the ability to not only help your career, but also to make you feel confident and powerful. Here we quizzed three of international fashion’s most stylish women—Evangelie Smyrniotaki, Gala Gonzalez and Caro Daur on how they navigate the workplace, while maintaining their very own sense of personal style.


Evangelie Smyrniotaki, better known as @styleheroine is a Grecian blogger with a taste for directional, yet wearable style. Offering her top tips, she explains how that translates to the office environment.

The first thing I consider when picking out an outfit for work is how it complements and reflects my personality. Your work uniform should be something that enhances your sense of self rather than something to hide behind. For the finishing touch, I’ll always add a confidence-booster like a belt to cinch my waist and create a feminine shape.

My look here is a classic tuxedo jumpsuit which is super easy to wear for the office—I love outfits you don’t have to think too much about in the morning. I think trousers always look best with pointy heels as they elongate the legs and add that hint of femininity to tailoring.

While I think it’s great to experiment, there are definitely some styles and pieces which are best kept out of the office. Ultra mini-skirts are a no-no as is a deep cleavage. You never want to distract the attention from the quality of your work to your body. That you can save for eveningwear!

As for accessories, the most important choice for office life is your bag. It needs to feel sophisticated and because you might spend 10 hours away from your home, it also needs to actually function. While heels are amazing, if you really want to be comfortable all day, choose a height around 40-50mm. You can always swap your shoes if you have a big meeting to give you a bit of added stature.

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Caro Daur hails from outside Hamburg and has over 1.2 million Instagram followers stalking her every style move. Below she shares her advice for blending both form and function in a formal environment.

I never leave the house without earrings, rings and necklaces and that’s whether I’m working or not. It’s your accessories that bring your sense of personality to suiting—they just add another note to your work style. The biggest challenge with formal clothing is finding pieces which fit well and don’t immediately crumple. When you’re wearing suiting you can see every little crease, so you need to choose the fabric really carefully. In saying that I really like formal environments—you just need to be confident with your style then you’ll also have fun.

Aside from sweatpants, I think anything goes these days in a business context. I chose a black sweater which picked up the colour of the suede heels and matched the tote. Shoes are essential to make your office look work, but you have to select them carefully. Firstly, opt for shoes that you can walk confidently in. Then go for a classic and elegant style that will work well with everything and finally I would always recommend selecting closed-toe styles as they set a more professional tone.

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A style influencer’s ultimate guide to work wear

Describe your work look in three words:

Evangelie: Easy, comfortable and masculine.

Gala: Effortless, feminine, powerful.

Caro: Confident, chic, classic.

Tailoring: love or hate?

Evangelie: Love–I think it celebrates the shape of a woman’s body.

Gala: Love.

Caro: Love.

Do heels in the office empower or impede?

Evangelie: As long as you can walk in them, they are super powerful.

Gala: It depends on how confident your walk is.

Caro: I definitely think heels empower a woman.

How important is fashion when it comes to work wear?

Evangelie: It’s all about confidence, so if there is a trend that makes you feel more confident in yourself that’s great.

Gala: It’s part of business—first impressions always count.

Caro: It’s so important because you can express so much in the way you dress.

What makes the ultimate work bag?

Evangelie: Lots of space, easy to carry and light.

Gala: It needs to be comfortable to carry and able to fit everything you need.

Caro: The perfect bag fits a laptop, wallet and mobile phone. No more, no less.

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